How much is a log book service?
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How much is a log book service?

No matter the make or model of your car, you need to get regular servicing done to ensure that it is working in its best condition.

Many types of car services are needed at regular intervals to maintain all parts and components of a car and keep it functioning properly.

Understanding log book service

What is a log book service?

Logbook service is the service required to maintain a car’s warranty. You are required to get these services completed at specific intervals during the warranty period to maintain your vehicle in top condition.

What is a log book?

Every vehicle comes with a log book that mentions the details and frequency of the log book service for that particular vehicle. The log book also contains all specific and important information about how the vehicle should be serviced.

After every log book service, you get a stamp from the mechanic to validate the service and keep a record. Having a log book service record ensures that you have maintained your car properly, helps with insurance and even increases the resale value of the car.

Where do you find the log book?

Every car comes with a log book from the manufacturer that contains all information about the agenda and frequency of the log book services. You can find the log book in the glove box of your car.  

Where do I go for a log book service? 

While you may have heard that you need to go to your vehicle manufacturer’s service centre for logbook servicing, it is not really necessary. You can visit any authorised logbook service provider and get the necessary log book service for your vehicle. Any authorised provider can put a valid stamp on your log book after the service. This means that your car’s warranty will not be affected if you go to an authorised provider and not the manufacturer’s service centre.

How much does a log book service in Botany cost?

The cost of a logbook service is determined by many factors including the make and model of the car, distance travelled, age and your chosen mechanic in Botany. On average, it costs $386 for a log book service in Australia.

To know the exact cost of logbook service for your car, you should contact the car repair shop in Botany where you plan on getting the service done.

What are the benefits of logbook service?

Maintaining regular log book service has many advantages. In addition to maintaining your car in great condition, here are some other benefits you can get with log book service:

Intact warranty

In case you face any problems with your car, you need to produce a record of the regular services of the car to claim a warranty. Without a proper service record, your warranty becomes void. Getting timely log book services ensures you have a proper record for claiming a warranty. This means that not only you’re keeping your car in the best condition but also have it covered in case a problem arises during the warranty period.

Records for understanding the car better

Maintaining a regular log book also helps keep a record of the things done on the car to keep it working properly. This record can help your mechanic understand your car better and determine any faults and problems at the earliest.

Reduced repair costs

When you maintain your car with regular logbook service, you can save money by protecting it from damage. When the parts and components are maintained properly, there are fewer chances of them getting heavy damage. This helps you save costs on expensive repairs and extends the lifespan of your car.

Increased resale value

A maintained log book is a record that you have kept your car in the best condition. It means that all parts of the car work properly and the car has a long lifespan. It helps increase the resale value in case you wish to sell your car.


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  • Victoria Addington
    March 29, 2023, 4:58 am REPLY

    It was interesting to know that logbook servicing allows your mechanic to understand your car better. My friend wants to keep a record of the things done in his car. I should advise him to look for an auto service that provides comprehensive services.

  • Victoria Addington
    March 29, 2023, 4:59 am REPLY

    As my brother was discussing logbook servicing the other day and I had no idea what it was, I’m delighted you brought it up. As you indicated, having a log book service record guarantees that you have properly maintained your vehicle, helps with insurance, and even raises the vehicle’s resale value. I’ll be sure to tell my brother about this because it appears important for future use. I’ll make sure to look for resources that could help him. I appreciate you sharing!

  • Vehicle Servicing Wellington
    April 3, 2023, 3:41 pm REPLY

    This is some great information that you have shared here how much is a log book service? I really loved it and thank you very much for sharing this with us. You have a great visualization and you have really presented this content in a really good manner.

  • auto electrician auckland
    November 2, 2023, 8:13 pm REPLY

    This article provides a clear and concise explanation of what a log book service is and its importance for vehicle owners. It’s helpful for individuals who may not be familiar with this aspect of car maintenance. The breakdown of costs and the benefits of following manufacturer recommendations are well-presented. A great resource for those looking to understand and budget for log book services.


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