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Peugeot is the world’s second oldest car manufacturer and the oldest continuous car brand. Peugeot has been selling cars in Australia since the early 1920’s and over the years they have earned a reputation for comfort, handling and reliability. Peugeot is also very well known for their diesel engines – diesel is very popular in Europe due to fuel costs. In recent years more Australians have also discovered the benefits of diesel engines and Peugeot now sells more diesel powered cars here than petrol.

Peugeot Logbook service

Logbook servicing for your Peugeot, whether diesel or petrol, is key to maintaining your car in top condition. We have many regular customers bringing us their Peugeot for logbook servicing and we have the required diagnostic equipment and expertise to carry out your logbook service to the highest standard.

Peugeot Service and mechanical repairs

Regular service and mechanical repairs for your Peugeot are carried by our qualified mechanics, very experienced in working with Peugeot vehicles. Manufacturer specifications for parts and materials are strictly adhered to in order to maintain the quality and reliability of your Peugeot.

Peugeot maintenance

Peugeot maintenance service is a regular check-up and consumables refresh to enable the vehicle to perform to manufacturers standards. These checks are usually done once a year and are part of preventative maintenance


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Frequently Asked Questions

What Peugeot services do you offer in Botany?

At Eastern Suburb Automotive, we offer a comprehensive range of Peugeot services, including routine maintenance, repairs, diagnostics, brake services, and more. Our experienced technicians are dedicated to keeping your Peugeot in top condition.

Do you use genuine Peugeot parts for repairs and replacements?

Yes, we exclusively use genuine Peugeot parts to ensure the quality, performance, and warranty of your vehicle.

How often should I schedule regular maintenance for my Peugeot in Botany?

We recommend following Peugeot’s recommended service intervals, typically every 15,000 kilometers or annually, depending on your model. We can customize a maintenance schedule to meet your specific needs.

Is there a waiting area at your Peugeot service center in Botany?

Yes, we have a comfortable waiting area equipped with amenities, including Wi-Fi, where you can relax while we service your Peugeot.

Can I get a loaner car while my Peugeot is being serviced?

Yes, we offer loaner cars to our Peugeot service customers in Botany to ensure you remain mobile during your service appointment.

How do I schedule a Peugeot service appointment in Botany with Eastern Suburb Automotive?

Scheduling a Peugeot service appointment is easy. You can call us at (02) 8333 6523 or use our online booking system on our website for your convenience.

Are your technicians certified to work on Peugeot vehicles?

Absolutely, our technicians are certified and well-trained to work on Peugeot vehicles, guaranteeing the highest quality service and repairs.

Can you handle Peugeot warranty-related repairs in Botany?

Yes, we can manage warranty-related repairs for your Peugeot in accordance with Peugeot’s warranty guidelines, ensuring your warranty remains valid.

Do you offer Peugeot diagnostics and advanced vehicle systems services?

Yes, our technicians are skilled in Peugeot diagnostics and are equipped to handle advanced vehicle systems, ensuring your Peugeot operates smoothly.

What sets Eastern Suburb Automotive apart from other Peugeot service centers in Botany?

Our commitment to expertise, customer satisfaction, and the use of genuine Peugeot parts distinguishes us. We also offer competitive pricing to keep your Peugeot in top condition.

Is your Peugeot service center in Botany environmentally friendly?

Yes, we follow eco-friendly practices, reducing our environmental impact in our service center while providing top-notch Peugeot services.

If you have more questions or need specific information about our Peugeot services in Botany, please feel free to contact us at (02) 8333 6523. Eastern Suburb Automotive is here to assist you with your Peugeot service needs.

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