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Volkswagen Service

Volkswagen has enjoyed a great success in this country, from its humble beginnings as the “people’s car” to the prestige brand it is today. Part of the Volkswagen Group, the second largest automotive manufacturer in the world which includes Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche, SEAT and Skoda. Being a part of such a large and diverse auto group, Volkswagen is able to share much of the technology and features from their luxury brands, delivering a premium product at a more modest price. Volkswagen’s have an enviable reputation for reliability and build quality so they are always popular and hold their resale value very well.


VW Volkswagen Logbook service

The best way to look after your Volkswagen is to follow the manufacturer logbook service routine. If your Volkswagen is new this will ensure that your manufacturer warranty is not compromised and as your VW gets older, the logbook servicing ensures that parts are replaced as they wear, keeping your VW in the best mechanical condition.


VW Volkswagen mechanical repairs

VW mechanical service and repairs at ESA are carried out by Volkswagen trained professionals with extended experience in VW vehicles. Even with regular maintenance your VW may require a mechanical repair. We are very experienced in dealing with DSG transmission problems, electrical problems and fuel problems.


VW Volkswagen maintenance

Volkswagen maintenance services is a regular check-up and consumables refresh to enable the vehicle to perform to manufacturers standards. These checks are usually done once a year and are part of preventative maintenance.

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