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Citroen Service

If you’re driving a Citroen, chances are you are very particular about your car – it’s more than just a method of transport. Whether you are driving the latest model, something a little older or perhaps even a classic, keeping your Citroen in top condition is best left to an experienced specialist equipped to do the job correctly.


Citroen Logbook service

Depending on the age and model of your Citroen, your logbook servicing requirements and intervals will differ. Newer models will have longer intervals between services but they will also require different grades of oils and other consumables. Our team is well equipped and experienced at providing logbook servicing for your Citroen.


Citroen Repairs

As your Citroen gets a little older and has a few more kilometres on it, there will be times that it will need mechanical repairs in addition to regular servicing. Power steering, air conditioning, electrical faults, pneumatic suspension – we have the experience and equipment to quickly diagnose and repair these systems.


Citroen maintenance

Regular maintenance for your Citroen is key to keeping your running costs down. Regular maintenance will fix any minor issues before they develop into major problems and will keep you and your Citroen safe and happy on the road!

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