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Service Overview

There are many fluids in your vehicle that keep the machinery lubricated, cooled, and working smoothly, and the transmission fluid in your car is one of the fluids you may need to replace on occasion. Just like the oil in your engine, the fluid in your transmission can break down and become ineffective over time, which means a transmission service is a good idea. If you drive in hectic traffic where you’re stopping and starting all the time on your commute, you might need to think about getting a transmission service a little sooner than your driver’s manual may indicate. Activities like hauling heavy loads or towing a trailer can accelerate the aging of your transmission fluid, so regular checkups are important for keeping your transmission in good condition.

What Are Signs My Transmission Needs Servicing?

If you’re overdue for service according to your vehicle’s manual is an indication that you should make a service appointment. However, your transmission can exhibit other symptoms that indicate the transmission fluid is due for replacement. For example, a burning odor could indicate that the fluid is old and isn’t maintaining proper viscosity. Over time, debris may also build up around the transmission and within the fluid. This can damage the moving parts of the machine and cause problems like leaks and breakage. If your transmission starts exhibiting mechanical signs, it’s essential that you stop driving your vehicle and make an appointment as quickly as possible. Transmission problems have a habit of getting very bad very fast.

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