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1. To Prevent Sludge From Building Up in the Car Engine

As the car runs, debris such as dust, antifreeze, condensation, and shavings may be picked up, which will contaminate the oil.

This will form sludge when mixed in the oil, which can stick to motor parts and cause engine wear. By regularly changing the oil you can prevent this build up.

2. To Change the  Engine Oil Filter

The oil filter is the car part meant to help reduce the contaminants that can eventually form sludge. This needs to be changed often.

3. To Preserve the Lubrication of the Engine

Motor oil  prevents friction in the motor. When it runs out or is very old, the engine parts will rub together, which can lead to the destruction of the engine.

4. To Make Sure the Level of Engine Oil is Properly Full

If your car doesn’t have a low level oil indicator on the dashboard, there is a risk of causing serious damage to the engine. It is best to locate the engine oil dipstick and check the level of oil, every month or before a long journey.

Using the wrong grade, quality, or viscosity of oil will certainly contribute to oil sludging. Once again, saving a few dollars by using an inferior brand or grade of oil will inevitably cause greater costs in the long run. Some companies argue that the use of a full synthetic oil will reduce the incidence of sludge caused by high temperature operation. This is certainly true of a full synthetic oil from a reputable company but we must remember that it may not eliminate sludging caused by other factors.

ESA choose Fuchs as this engine oil can always offer the right lubricants for all automotive applications.

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