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SAAB Service

The SAAB brand is synonymous with Scandinavian design and engineering and has always appealed to a particularly discerning driver. Despite the company no longer manufacturing cars, the brand still enjoys a loyal following and we still enjoy servicing and repairing SAAB cars. Spare parts availability is generally very good and we have the required diagnostic equipment available.


SAAB Logbook service

ESA delivers SAAB logbook service with high degree of precision and attention. All required services are performed on schedule and following guidelines from the manufacturer.


SAAB Service and mechanical repairs

SAAB Mechanical repairs are performed with genuine parts and using materials specified by SAAB ensuring that the quality of the repairs adheres to the top standards in the industry. ESA is a trusted SAAB service station.


SAAB maintenance

Maintaining a SAAB to ESA means to look after our customers best interests. Well maintained vehicles are great to drive and deliver peak performance well after the manufacturers warranty expires. Preventative maintenance is the key to trouble-free ownership of a SAAB.

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