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Audi Service

Modern vehicles demand dedication and deep understanding. Audi’s cars are a masterpiece of engineering with extreme complexity in design. Complex diagnostics systems are in place to monitor and report on every aspect of your Audi. ESA is an expert mechanic building its reputation on the flawless service on extensive Audi range of models.


Audi Logbook service

Bring your car to ESA with confidence knowing that we are qualified to carry out Audi regular logbook service while your vehicle is under warranty. Let the experts look after your Audi from the beginning and ensure your car’s longevity.


Audi Service and mechanical repairs

Regular servicing of Audi vehicles includes mechanical repairs of those worn and hardworking parts to keep the car going as smooth as possible as well as dealing with the common issues that seem to arise regularly, like Audi automatic transmission problems.


Audi maintenance

Audi specifies appropriate maintenance procedures for its range of models. These guidelines ensure your car is at its optimal performance all the time and all issues are corrected before they become a major problem. ESA is experienced in fully complying with Audi maintenance guidelines for your driving pleasure.

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