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BMW Service

The team at ESA is highly experienced in servicing BMW's, from early models to the most current. We have the latest workshop information, diagnostic tools and software to enable us to complete any and all repairs required.

BMW Logbook service

ESA is set up to provide logbook servicing for any BMW vehicle without affecting your BMW warranty. We use genuine BMW factory parts and follow the BMW factory guidelines to keep your BMW in top condition.

BMW Service and mechanical repairs

Is your BMW running rough? Are you experiencing flat spots under acceleration? Does your dashboard look like a christmas tree full of warning lights? Are you having some strange problem that no other mechanic seems to be able to fix?

Call us today to arrange a service booking and let us take care of your problems! We can even repair or overhaul a faulty VANOS unit.

BMW maintenance

Regular maintenance is important for any car, particularly when it is as precisely engineered as your BMW. Regular maintenance allows us to identify any potential issues with your BMW and give you a frank assessment on the level of urgency - items that need to be addressed immediately and items that can wait.

If your BMW is no longer under warranty and you would like to maintain it correctly but save a bit on costs, we can advise you on high quality aftermarket parts that will do the job but with a cost saving over the genuine factory item.

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BMW M3 and M5

BMW M3 and M5 service

BMW 328i and BMW X5

The white 328i received a replacement taillight lens and the X5 was in for a pre-purchase inspection

BMW 328i and BMW X5

BMW M5 inspection

BMW M5 inspection


This M5 arrived for service and to investigate an engine running fault. We diagnosed stretched timing chains and faulty VANOS units. We have replaced the timing chains and overhauled the VANOS units, and the customer feedback was fantastic! - as you can see this was a detailed exercise.

BMW M5 timing chain and faulty VANOS

BMW M5 timing chain and faulty VANOS

BMW 645i and M-Coupe

BMW 645i arrived with a steering wheel warning light and we replaced the active front steering control module. The M-Coupe is about to undergo a major service and VANOS rebuild

BMW 645i active steering fault

BMW 645i

BMW 645i Coupe having a full CIP software update

BMW 645i full CIP software udate

Diagnosing a folding roof fault on this BMW 645Ci

Diagnosing a roof fault on this BMW 645Ci

BMW Service